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...Captivating color! by Darlene. Awe-inspiring makeup to accent your finest features...

About your Makeup Artist

Professional Portrait of Darlene

I have been making pretty faces for 23 years. My love of color started with painting in Germany in the style of "Bauernmaleiri". I learned more about color and the color wheel in a Frameshop, which I co-owned, where I worked in art conservation and protection. For 23 years, I have built experience working with friends, colleagues, other makeup experts and designers, each of whom I am indebted to for the excellent trainings that they have provided and amazing techniques.

My first wedding was back in 1990. I loved being part of that special day and making the bride all that she could be. Her smile and confidence are what I remember most as she walked down the isle. You can have that same feeling as you walk down your isle on your day. Since then, I have participated in hundreds of weddings, all of which have been special to me.

I also have been honored by talented photographers in the Lehigh Valley Area, who have selected me to do makeup artistry on professional model shoots. Calm and collected, to bold and dramatic, I've done it all, and I know how to make your makeup just right to suit the camera, video and the lighting of your venue.

Currently, I work closely with several other vendors and experts. After you have seen what I can offer, please look at Elegant Lehigh Valley Weddings & Special Events, Inc. This is a great organization of very talented people, whom I have been proud to serve as Executive Director, previously, and President of the Board of Directors in 2010. There you will find reception sites, vidographers, photographers, and everything else you might need to complete your perfect day.

Contact me today, and we will find the look that is right for you. I am also available for teaching and educating you on how you can do your own face.


25Oct2011 - Everyone commented on how beautiful I looked on my wedding day...thank you so much.

16Aug2011 - Thanks for the nice 'makeover' last night - I enjoyed learning more about how to put it on!
Hannah Poole

07Apr2011 - Hi Darlene, Thank you for yesterday. It was a blast and I loved the "new" look. What did you put on my puffy's to hide them so well (maybe it was just the yellow stuff - I can't remember). Cool, see you soon! Regards,
Carol E. Almond , Director Equinox Human Resources serving Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, all of Pennsylvania and other amazing places!

30Jul2010 - Hi Darlene, It was nice meeting with Betty and you last week. Thanks for taking the time to get our make-up looking perfect. - Cathy Fritzinger

08Jul2010 - Hi Darlene, All pictures look fabulous. Thanks for making us look so beautiful on that special occasion. I just came back from my honeymoon, will touch base with you in few days.

Thanks again Nadja

01Jul2010 - Hi Darlene, just wanted to let you know that I have been using the timewise since I bought it from you and my face feel's so good and so smooth. Thank you so much for all the great tip's you've given me, but I probably still will be a miniumal user of make up for every day use.

21May2010 - Christine and Jay on Hudson Valley Wedding Planning

A+++++- Darlene is a friend of my mom's from when my parents went on their honeymoon and they have remained friends. She did 9 ppl's makeup that day! It was great to have someone come to you and not have to add another stop in the day. We were all stunning!!!! Couldn't have asked for someone better